Zoe Saldana is "scared" by comparisons people have made to her and Angelina Jolie.

The 'Avatar' actress has been called the "new Angelina Jolie" by some critics after playing a revenge-seeking assassin in new movie 'Colombiana' - and she explained the association makes her feel a bit uncomfortable, despite being inspired by such stars.

She told FOX411's Pop Tarts column: "If I think about it in that fashion than yes (it's scary,) I wouldn't want to think about it in that way.

"But I have been inspired by amazing actresses that have taken amazing risks and opened amazing doors, and I am a product of that and I am honored to be included in a group of women that have defied their own gravity. Besides playing amazing character roles they also have an amazing agility to do action."

The 33-year-old beauty prefers performing her own stunts, much like Angelina, although she admitted it can be "exhausting".

She added: "Thank God no permanent injuries, but I was definitely very, very sore. It's always a lot of work and its exhausting while you're doing it and your training for it."