Zoe Saldana has teased 'The Avengers' franchise will get another installment featuring the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' characters.

The 38-year-old actress is currently promoting the latest fantasy film 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2', which sees her reprise the role of Gamora in the Marvel movie, and whilst she has been drawing more attention to the latest movie she has also let it slip the cast will join forces with 'The Avengers' team on a movie ''later this year''.

Speaking to BBC News at the film's premiere about the future production, which has been reported on BBC News Online, the brunette beauty said: ''We're in the middle of it ['Avengers: Infinity War']. I think the Guardians just shot their part when it comes to 'Infinity War', the first part, and we all have to go back for 'Gauntlet' later this year.''

And the New Jersey-born star - who has two-year-old twins Cy and Bowie and Zen, who was born in February, with her husband Marco Perego - believes her acting career and starring in action movies has prepared her to be outnumbered by boys at home.

Speaking previously, she said: ''I'm used to it. I've done all these action movies that I'm usually outnumbered [in], you know?''