Zoe Saldana has been showing off her post-pregnancy weight loss, by trying on her old Guardians of the Galaxy catsuit. The actress and her husband Marco Preggo welcomed twin boys last November and since then Saldana has been documenting her weight loss after gaining 70 pounds while pregnant.

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Sharing a picture of herself wearing her Guardians of the Galaxy costume, Saldana wrote: ‘Holy S---! You guys, I had to share this, this is one of the old #guardiansofthegalaxy costumes that I wore back in 2013.’

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‘After twins I can't believe I was able to slip into this. @marvel and @jamesgunn don't be mad, I'm not showing anything that hasn't been seen before... besides, aren't we designing new stuff?.... It pays off to work hard! I mean it mommies of the world, if I did it you can too.’

The actress has been sharing diet and fitness tips with fans on social media in recent months, documenting her weight loss. In a Facebook post from April Saldana said: "As you all know, we welcomed twin boys last November. Yes, by far, the most amazing experience of my life, but also a very challenging experience when it pertains to my body.”

"I'm sure moms across the world (and dads sometimes) can identify with what I'm about to say.  Your body changes dramatically, inside and out. You grow in places you never knew you could, and you are tired beyond belief..."

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"Everything from my thyroid to my platelets crashed...my body was really bent out of shape after the boys were born. Bouncing back feels impossible, but I know it is important as a woman, and now a mommy, to not give up."