'Not Okay' star Zoey Deutch is anything but after burglars broke into her home and took more than $300,000 in money and jewellery.

The 27-year-old actress - who plays Danni Sanders in the comedy-drama film - is said to have headed back to her house to find a door broken.

Los Angeles Police Department sources told TMZ that her home was a mess.

Zoey's misfortune comes just two weeks after Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards' £3.5 million mansion - which she shares with her Liverpool pro footballer fiance Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - was targeted by burglars.

A source said at the time "[Perrie and Alex] are now terrified for their safety. It’s just the most violating thing — to think that someone has been all over their belongings before they even realised what was happening is so upsetting.

"The brazenness of doing it while they were in the house is terrifying, and obviously they’re heartbroken that a lot of valuable items which meant a great deal to them — not just financially — have been taken.

"This is their dream home and they love their life there as a family.

"Suddenly it feels tarnished, but they’re determined to get on with their lives and obviously they’ll take every necessary step to ensure they are totally secure in the future."

Cheshire Police said in a statement: "The offenders have broken into the home stealing jewellery and handbags while the occupants were inside."

What's more, in July, model Tamara Ecclestone offered a £6 million reward to get her stolen jewels back after she was targeted in a £26 million heist in 2019.

She wrote on Instagram: "I would happily put up 25% of the value of anything that police are able to recover. I have waited long enough to get my stolen possessions back by conventional means.

"So now I am going to do what I wanted to do right from the beginning and go Mel Gibson-style from the movie 'Ransom'. If you are the source, you get the reward. It is that simple. With the total value of the burglary being £26m - that's a reward of up to £6m for anyone that can help me get back what is rightfully mine."