4) Karen Elson & Jack White

Err...yeah, bit of an awkward one this one. We might have been sad to see the effortlessly stylish duo, model Karen Elson and musician Jack White, break up but what started out as an amicable split has turned into a restraining order filed against White. The couple married in 2005 in Brazil but they broke up in 2011 and even celebrated with a divorce party to break their union of marriage.

Jack WhiteKaren Elson
Jack White [L] & Karen Elson's [R] Split Started Out Amicable...Then Got Nasty.

However problems allegedly arose when White discovered that their two children, Scarlett Teresa, 7, and Henry Lee, 5, would have been in the same school as Sadie Little, the daughter of The Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach. Who knows what White's beef with Auerbach is but he sent a furious email to his ex-wife describing the singer an an "a**hole" and expressing a fear for the publicity that could have been stirred up.

Elson sent emails to a judge saying that because of White's actions, she "fears for her safety and that of their children" and subsequently had The Raconteurs singer barred from "any contact with Karen Elson whatsoever except as it relates to parenting time with the parties' minor children."

We can dream.