5) Dawn French & Lenny Henry

The most perfect comedy couple pairing ever was torn apart when Dawn French and Lenny Henry announced that they were getting a divorce. The couple may not be as famous worldwide as some of their celebrity counterparts on this list but their 2010 split rocked the boat after an impressive 25 years of marriage.

Dawn FrenchLenny Henry
Dawn French [L] & Lenny Henry [R] Are Sadly No Longer An Item.

The pair met in the eighties whilst on the London comedy circuit and married in 1984, adopting a daughter Billie in 1991 and moving into a massive Cornish mansion as both performers careers took off. Their divorce was announced and finalised in 2010 but there reportedly had been problems for some time. If laughter is said to be music for the soul and the key to someone's heart well, we just can't fathom what could have happened.

Of course, there are plenty more couples we could name - anyone ever linked to Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio for a start - but we'd be in danger of ruining our own day with such woeful tales of separation. Pass the tissues!