Fox were panicking after the premiere for the news series of New Girl dropped in with a relatively disappointing Tuesday night rating. However, the studio bosses can be positively delighted that the show managed to hold onto most of its viewers on an evening where shows were shedding viewers left right and center, begging the question - just where did everyone go?

Entertainment Weekly reports that networks were struggling all over the shop. ABC were steady with Dancing With The Stars at 11.8 million viewers, but lost 16% on Private Practice. Fox meanwhile saw Raising Hope moved to a tougher time and lose a huge 45% on its ratings as a result, the network also suffering big viewing losses with their new comedy Ben & Kate, which was down 24%, and The Mindy Project which fell 21%. Ouch. In comparison, New Girl managed to hold steady with a solid audience of 5.1 million viewers.

Fox and ABC can take consolation in the fact that even the network at the top of the pile for overall ratings last night, CBS, took hits on its three big shows of the night, with NCIS, NCIS:LA and new drama Vegas all suffering falls of between 9% and 16%. NBC struggled as well, a "best of" The Voice falling sharply, with Go On, New Normal and Parenthood all slumping too. Where were you all?