Zooey Deschanel is too scared to babysit her nephew on her own.

The 'New Girl' actress' sister Emily recently gave birth to a baby boy and while Zooey is completely smitten with him, she isn't confident enough to have him on her own.

She said: I'll babysit him if somebody else is around! I'm not great at babysitting. I kind of don't know what to do. If my mum's around or something, you know. but I like holding him. He's my sister's first, and I only have one sister. He's really cute. He's adorable!"

Zooey also says she is looking forward to 'Bones' actress Emily returning to work so she can see more of her and her nephew.

She said: "She visited my trailer a couple of times before she left. She actually finished work on Monday and then had the baby the next day, so she really worked right up to the end. But I'm looking forward to her coming back to work so that we can hang out more and I can hang out with my nephew."