Zooey Deschanel says it's "too soon" for a 'New Girl' reboot.

The 43-year-old actress and musician starred as oddball teacher Jessica Day on the hit Fox sitcom from 2011 to 2018, and while she would love to spend more time with her former castmates, including Jake Johnson (Nick Miller) and Max Greenfield (Schmidt), she doesn't believe it's been long enough since the programme came to an end for a reunion.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she said: "No, it's too soon. We need a little more time in between. We always talked about '500 Days of Summer' [and] what's a different perspective on that.

The things I'd like to revisit are my friends. I saw my castmates from 'New Girl' more than my family for seven years. I appreciate getting to work with them, so the thought of revisiting these things is mainly to do with the people."

Meanwhile, Zooey recently revealed she thought she was being pranked when she was told Prince wanted to appear in 'New Girl'.

The 'Dreamin' Wild' star didn't believe it when she was told via the late music legend's manager that he was a huge fan and asked to make a cameo appearance.

The 'Raspberry Beret' hitmaker and the 'Elf' star ended up duetting on 'Fallinlove2nite' on an episode in 2014, two years before his death in April 2016, from an accidental overdose.

The duet even ended up getting released as a single, much to the surprise of Zooey.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, she said: "Oh my God. I don’t know. I know he watched 'New Girl' on the tour bus. When he contacted me through his manager, I thought someone was pranking me and I asked my agents: 'Can you find out if this is really Prince’s manager?' I recorded the song for the show, but when he said they would put it out I was like: 'What? A single with Prince?!' It was a pinch-myself moment."