Zooey Deschanel was left spooked by a ghostly encounter while she was staying in a seemingly haunted house.

The 43-year-old actress was left terrified by an overnight stay in New Orleans and she seemed to experience some paranormal activity with plenty of unexplained occurrences.

In an interview conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike, she told PEOPLE magazine: "I don't want to get mixed up with any ghosts.

"We stayed in a house and it was, like, lights flickering, TVs turning on and off, noises from the attic. I was like, ‘Get me the hell out of here.’ ”

Elsewhere in the chat, Zooey - who has daughter Elsie, eight, and son Charlie, six, with ex-husband Jacob Pechenik - revealed her boy's epic dance moves have caught her by surprise.

Asked when the last time she danced was, she said: "When my son graduated from preschool, they had a little party. He loves to breakdance; I did other moves.

"I have no idea where he picked it up. He actually requested the Beastie Boys."

Meanwhile, the 'New Girl' star gave some insight into her life as a parent and admitted she doesn't take even the simplest moments of "self care" for granted as a parent.

She added: "I did a sheet mask on Saturday. Actually doing things that seem normal, like drinking water and eating an actual meal that’s not a protein bar, is self-care.

"When you’re a parent, it feels like everything is."

Her new dark comedy 'Physical' has launched on Apple TV+ this week, but Zooey confessed she's become obsessed with reality TV.

Quizzed on her latest obsession, she said: "I mean, 'Vanderpump Rules'. I’m a big 'Real Housewives' fan — Beverly Hills. [I’m a] hometown girl.

"I wasn’t even a Vanderpump person, but this season was so great that I became one."