With the likes of Adele and Sam Smith reigning in the charts at the moment, it's safe to say this year has seen a fair few landmark moments for pop music. It's also been a competitive one, with some stars barely getting a moment to bask in their glory of a Guinness World Record before it was abruptly snatched away by the next pop sensation.

Here's a few of 2015's broken records so far:

AdeleAdele's comeback was one of the biggest events of 2015

1. Adele - She's pretty much queen of 2015 now, having made the most outstanding comeback of all time with a single and album topping charts all over the world. '25' has officially broken the record for the most sales in the first week in both the UK and the US, having sold 3.38 million in the US. Plus, the popularity for her single 'Hello' meant that Taylor Swift wasn't able to enjoy being the record holder of most Vevo views for very long.

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Sam SmithSam Smith's Bond tune was the first to reach number one

2. Sam Smith - Close behind is Sam Smith, whose theme for James Bond's 'Spectre', 'Writing's on the Wall', became the first theme to reach number one in the UK Singles Chart. He also beat the Guinness World Record for longest time for an album in the top 10 with 'In The Lonely Hour' reaching 69 consecutive weeks.

Ed SheeranEd Sheeran's single has been on the charts for 1 year

3. Ed Sheeran - By 2015, single 'Thinking Out Loud' from second album 'X' was announced to be the very first single to have managed to spend a full year in the UK top 40. On the other hand, the same single also lands 'longest climb to No. 1 in the UK' after taking 19 weeks to crawl to the top.

Justin BieberBieber beat the Beatles. Somehow.

4. Justin Bieber - This year saw more success from Justin Bieber and his latest album 'Purpose', and it also saw him beat the Beatles with most songs in the Billboard Hot 100 chart; 17 tracks in total. 'Purpose' was also the fastest to reach one billion streams.

One DirectionOne Direction are leaving on a high note

5. One Direction - The boy band are about to embark on a hiatus but not before they've smashed a few Guinness World Records. The video for 'Drag Me Down' was the first video to reach one million likes in 24 hours, and the band also beat the Beatles with five top 10 debuts on the Hot 100 with the single 'Perfect'.

FoxesFoxes stamina remains unmatched

6. Foxes - It's not always about the success though, sometimes it's a lot about the effort. Foxes managed to break the record for most gigs in different cities within 12 hours, managing an impressive seven in Southampton, Brighton, Guildford, Reading, High Wycombe, Oxford and London.