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We help you decide who to give your money to.

By Holly Mosley on 9th April 2020

The simple guide to buying the right headphones

What do you need to know about buying headphones?

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Music to inspire you to experience nature [Playlist]

Nature-inspired songs we just can't get enough of.

By Holly Mosley on 9th April 2020

Joni Mitchell Beatles Johnny Flynn Morcheeba Enya Kate Bush

Six unexpected things musicians are doing to help while quarantined

Artists are coming up with different ways to entertain and help out this year.

By Holly Mosley on 9th April 2020

MEGADETH Taylor Hawkins Jon Bon Jovi Post Malone Jarvis Cocker Tim Burgess

Seven greatest British music films of all time

Put these British films about music at the top of your watch list.

By Holly Mosley on 9th April 2020

Queen JOY DIVISION Elton John Beatles

How the Mifo O5 PRO earbuds made us cordless converts [REVIEW]

The Mifo O5 PROs are some of the most durable wireless earbuds on the market and we can't recommend them enough.

By Holly Mosley on 9th April 2020

Five ways struggling musicians can make money on lockdown

Live musicians take a financial hit during the worst health crisis of a generation.

By Holly Mosley on 9th April 2020

Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter Album Review

Laura Marling's latest album 'Song For Our Daughter' was due for release later this year, until Marling announced that she had decided to bring the...

By Andrew Lockwood on 7th April 2020

Laura Marling

Purity Ring - Womb Album Review

It's been five years since Purity Ring released Another Eternity, but little has changed in their overall sound and macabre lyrical themes now that...

By Holly Mosley on 3rd April 2020

Purity Ring

Anna Burch - If You're Dreaming Album Review

Just over two years since the release of her vibrant debut album, Anna Burch is back with her second full-length album: 'If You're Dreaming'.

By Andrew Lockwood on 2nd April 2020

The Chats - High Risk Behaviour Album Review

The Chats' debut album High Risk Behaviour is the most punk thing we've heard in years.

By Holly Mosley on 27th March 2020

How a cancer diagnosis helped shape Rachel Sage's 'Character'

Listen to her charity single 'Bravery's On Fire'.

By Staff Writer on 26th March 2020

James Righton - The Performer Album Review

James Righton's latest album is well-produced, well-arranged and put together very proficiently and professionally.

By Andrew Lockwood on 19th March 2020

Shock Machine

SalaS opens up about what it means to be a "music labourer"

Listen to his new track 'I Only Know One Thing'.

By Holly Mosley on 19th March 2020

Halestorm - Vicious (Stripped) EP Review

These acoustic reprises of songs that appeared on Halestorm's 2018's album 'Vicious' show the band in a whole new light.

16th March 2020


Deap Lips - Deap Lips Album Review

Deap Lips certainly leans more into Flaming Lips territory than Deap Vally, aside from the vocals. But did it leave much of an impression?

By Holly Mosley on 13th March 2020

Deap Vally Flaming Lips

How Balladin use Balkan folk influences to deliver messages of empowerment

A feminist folk trio we can get behind.

By Holly Mosley on 11th March 2020