Prince was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to John L. Nelson and Matti Shaw in June of 1958. His father was a songwriter and his mother was a jazz singer.

He sadly passed away on 21st April 2016.

As a child, Prince was nicknamed Skippy, and he suffered from epilepsy. He had a troubled childhood after his parents separated and he went to live with the family of Andre Cymone, who would later become his bass player.

Music Career: Prince started out his music career writing lyrics for his friend Pepe Willie's band 94 East.

Prince's first major label solo album came in 1978, and was entitled For You.

Prince had compiled his first backing band by 1979, consisting of Andre Cymone, Dez Dickerson, Gayle Chapman, Bobby Z and Doctor Fink. The intentionally multi-racial line-up was inspired by the band put together by Sly Stone, another of Prince's influences.

The second solo album was simply entitled Prince and he performed 'I Wanna Be Your Lover' and 'Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?' on American Bandstand in January 1980. He went on to open for Rick James's 1980 tour.

Later in 1980, Prince released Dirty Mind. Gayle Coleman disliked the explicit sexual content of the songs and left the band. She was replaced by Lisa Coleman. When he supported The Rolling Stones, he was booed offstage.

In 1981, he released the album Controversy. The same year, he formed a side project known as The Time, thanks to a clause in his contract with Warner Brothers that gave him full artistic control over his work. Morris Day was lead vocalist of The Time.

When 1999 was released in 1982, Prince became part of the first wave of African American artists to appear on MTV, along with Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson. His backing band at the time were known as The Revolution and were credited as such on his next album, Purple Rain, which won an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score. Brown Mark had joined the band on bass.

In 1986, Prince released the album Parade, reaching number three on the Billboard charts. The album was also used as a soundtrack to Prince's second film, Under the Cherry Moon, which also starred Kristin Scott Thomas. That year, he also wrote 'Manic Monday', which would become a hit for The Bangles, though he was credited as 'Christopher'. At the end of the promotional tour for the album, Prince split up The Revolution; he fired Wendy, Lisa and Bobby Z, Brown Mark quit and Prince brought Sheila E. on board, as well as Miko Weaver, Eric Leeds and Atlanta Bliss.

The next album with The Revolution was 1986's Dream Factory. He then recorded a solo album, Camille, which was never released. Warner Brothers then forced Prince to release a double album, which became Sign O' The Times, released in 1987.

Continuing his prolific run, Prince released the hugely successful Lovesexy in 1988. The lead single was 'Alphabet St.' The following year, he made an appearance on Madonna's Like A Prayer album. Tim Burton then asked Prince to record a soundtrack to his upcoming Batman film, which starred Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

In 1990, Prince released Graffiti Bridge. The following year, he changed the name of his band to New Power Generation and they recorded and released the 1991 album Diamonds and Pearls.

Prince then released his twelfth studio album. It was untitled, but displayed an unpronounceable symbol on the cover. He later copyrighted the symbol as 'love symbol'. In 1993, he changed his stage name to this and was frequently referred to as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. His next full-length album, Come, was credited to 'Prince 1958-1993'. The next album, The Gold Experience was released via an independent distributor. Chaos and Disorder (1996) was Prince's final album for Warner Bros.

Emancipation was his first album on his own label NPG Records. The album featured covers of other artists' songs, including Joan Osborne. In 1998, Prince released a five-CD compilation of unreleased material. He returned to calling himself Prince in 2000 and went on to release The Rainbow Children, N.E.W.S. and Xpectation. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and performed a cover of George Harrison's 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'. His next album, Musicology was released in 2004.

After signing to Universal Records, Prince released 3121 in 2006. His summer 2007 tour included 21 nights at London's O2 arena. The tickets, priced ½31.21, included a free copy of his latest album.

In 2008 Prince performed at the legendary Coachella festival where it was reported that he was paid more than $5 million for his performance. Also in this year he released a live album entitled Indigo Nights and 21 Nights as an accompanying book of poems, lyrics and photos.   

In 2010 Prince embarked on his 20Ten Tour that started in Abu Dhabi and was also introduced in to the Grammy Hall of Fame on 7th December. 

In January 2013 he released a lyric video for a new song called Screwdriver and later that year he announced a West Coast tour with his band 3rdeyegirl. 

In 2014 he performed at various concerts in the UK on his Hit and Run Tour which saw him performing once again with 3rdeyegirl. After an 18 year break from record label Warner Bro's they announced that a special deluxe edition of his 1984 album Purple Rain would be released too celebrate the 30th anniversary of the breakthrough album.  

In 2015 Prince released his penultimate album Hit n Run Phase One on 14th September. 

Image/ style: Prince was known for his flamboyant style and was likened to having the same kind of influence as other iconic stars such as David Bowie. One of his most memorable styles consisted of wearing makeup and frilled garments during his performances on stage. He was also praised for having females appear in his bands and supporting women's rights in the music industry.

Personal Life: Prince has been romantically linked with a number of high-profile celebrities, including Carmen Electra, Sheena Easton, Stevie Nicks and Kim Basinger.

Prince married his backing singer Mayte Garcia in 1996. They had a son, Boy Gregory in 1996, but he died shortly after birth, as he had Pfeiffer Syndrome. Prince and Garcia divorced in 1999.

In 2001, Prince married Manuela Testolini. They divorced in 2006.

Prince was a Jehovah's Witness and as a result did not speak publicly about his charitable endeavors though has been credited with creating a number of social projects.

On 21st April 2016 Prince was found unresponsive in his lift and passed away when CPR attempts failed to make a difference. It was reported that he had been suffering from influenza in the lead up to his death but the exact cause of his death has not been established.

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Album Of The Week: The 30th Anniversary Of 'Diamonds And Pearls' By Prince And The New Power Generation


On the 1st October 1991 Prince, together with a new backing band - The New Power Generation, released his 13th full length studio album - Diamonds and Pearls. The 13 track record had a lighter, poppier touch than some of his more recent material at the time but there was also a rap element, provided in the main by Toni M., that manifested itself in six of the album tracks.

Whilst Diamonds and Pearls may not have quite emulated the huge success that Prince had realised with his inspired soundtrack for Batman in 1989, it did eclipse Graffiti Bridge, his 1990 album. Following the musical and thematically constrictive boundaries of two consecutive soundtrack albums, Prince seems to have embraced his freedom of expression throughout the original 13 tracks on Diamonds and Pearls. In the end Prince's 13th album would give up six singles, achieve 3x platinum sales in the UK, 2x platinum sales in the US and give Prince a global top ten, topping out the charts in Australia, going to number two in the UK and number 3 in the US.

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Album Of The Week: The 37th Anniversary Of 'Purple Rain' By Prince


On the 25th June 1984 Prince released an album that would super-charge his popularity and elevate his status beyond imagination. Prince's sixth album, Purple Rain, would truly put Prince Rogers Nelson on the world stage with a record that not only reflected the time in which it was made but also pushed the boundaries of popular music with it's outlandish style and inspirational production. From the album opener Let's Go Crazy through to it's sublime close out track Purple Rain, Prince showcases an incredible talent through his musicianship, writing, arrangement and evocative performance.

Prince was a showman like no other and Purple Rain, more than any of his previous records, brought his formidable talents and captivating artistry to a much wider audience than ever before. His last studio album, 1999, had helped to put Prince firmly in the minds of the public consciousness with tracks like Little Red Corvette, Delirious and of course the now iconic title track but it was Purple Rain that truly made Prince a household name. Whilst it was less funky than some of his previous work, the new material that Prince shared on his sixth album was far bigger, bolder and poppier. The fully loaded sound was in part due to a greater band ethos and inclusivity. Purple Rain was the first of Prince's records to include his legendary backing band The Revolution. Between them they delivered an album that would be appreciated, not only by millions of fans world-wide, but one that would also almost universally be lauded by the critics.

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Celebrating Black History Month: Are These The Greatest Black Artists Of All Time?

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Albums Of The Week: Top Seven Albums Released On This Day Over The Last 50 Years [SPECIAL]

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As it turns out, May 10th has been a pretty lucky day for the world of music. There's been nothing of note this year, but in the last 50 years, there have been a string of iconic albums all landing on today's date. Thus, we've put together a special Album of the Week feature this week, including seven of our favourite albums released on this day...

New York Dolls - Too Much Too Soon (1974)

The band's second release (coming a year after their iconic self-titled debut album), Too Much Too Soon is very much a cult record often labelled as one of the earliest punk rock albums. New York Dolls enlisted producer Shadow Morton on the album, and while much of it was re-recordings of demos and cover songs such as The Cadets' Stranded in the Jungle, it is still considered an important record in the proto-punk movement.

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Prince's Estate Announces New Live Album 'Piano & A Microphone: 1983'


The estate of the late singer Prince marked what would have been his 60th birthday by announcing details of a new album of previously unheard live material, to be released later in 2018.

The 35-minute album will consist of nine tracks, and will be titled Piano & A Microphone: 1983, showcasing a home studio cassette recording of the singer during rehearsals that year.

It will reportedly feature early versions of Prince’s signature hit, ‘Purple Rain’, which became a worldwide hit with the album of the same name the following year. Other tracks include an embryonic version of the track ‘Strange Relationship’, which eventually appeared on his acclaimed 1987 double album Sign O' The Times.

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Possible Criminal Charges May Be Announced Regarding Prince's Death


As the second anniversary of Prince’s death approaches, new reports are suggesting that prosecutors could make criminal charges today regarding to the late singer’s passing.

Prince died at the age of 57, after he was found alone and unresponsive in a room in his Paisley Park estate near Minneapolis on April 21st, 2016. A few weeks after his death, it was confirmed that he had died from an opioid overdose, and was found to have had fentanyl in his system – a painkiller that’s 50 times stronger than heroin.

The long-awaited toxicology report was finally released last month detailed the high level of fentanyl in Prince’s bloodwork – something which Dr. Lewis Nelson, chairman of emergency medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, described as “a pretty clear smoking gun”.

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Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl LII Prince Tribute Gets Mixed Response

Justin Timberlake Prince

Justin Timberlake's eagerly anticipated halftime show at Super Bowl LII has become the subject of some controversy after his tribute to Prince seemingly went against the late singer's wishes for his legacy. It wasn't the hologram that was previously suggested, but it came close.

Justin Timberlake at the Academy AwardsJustin Timberlake at the Academy Awards

When fans heard that Justin and his team were thinking of a holographic tribute to the deceased legend for the halftime show, given that the Super Bowl LII game was being held in his hometown of Minneapolis, there was an outpouring of opposition towards it. Drummer Sheila E., a close friend of Prince, was one of the most vocal about it.

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Rare Prince Vinyl Surfaces


Rare vinyl copies of the late Prince's legendary an elusive 'Black Album' have been discovered around 30 years after they were thought to be destroyed.

The iconic 'Purple Rain' hitmaker - who passed away in April 2016 - had a change of heart after working on the compilation, and it was believes the 500,000-copy pressing was crushed along with advanced CDs and cassettes.

Prince previously described the record as ''evil'', but in 1994 he agreed to a CD and cassette release, with no vinyl copies to be reproduced or sold, and the LP has become a 'holy grail' for collectors, the Rolling Stone Online has reported.

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Beck's Kanye West Regret

Beck Prince

Beck wishes he'd had ''more fun'' when Kanye West invaded the stage in protest at his 2015 Grammy Awards win.

The 'Sex Laws' singer was an unexpected winner of the Best Album accolade when his record 'Morning Phase' beat out the likes of Sam Smith, Pharrell Williams and Beyonce and the 'Famous' rapper - who infamously stormed the stage when Taylor Swift beat the 'Formation' singer to Best Female Video at the MTV VMAs in 2009 - interrupted his acceptance of the statuette from Prince to object.

Though Beck didn't really register what was happening at the time, he wishes things had played out differently.

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Prince's Half-Sisters Threaten Lawsuit Against Executors Over Vault Removal


Prince’s half-sisters are threatening legal action against the executors of the late pop star’s estate, alleging that valuable material was removed without permission from his legendary vault of unreleased songs.

Sharon and Norrine Nelson are threatening a lawsuit against Comerica Bank & Trust, the company entrusted to oversee Prince’s vast estate and assets following the singer’s sudden death in April 2016. They contend that four trucks arrived at Paisley Park, the sprawling complex that was Prince's home for decades, in early September and removed the contents of the vault, including tapes of unreleased music worth up to $200 million.

Comerica Bank & Trust, in response, argue that the move was undertaken as a security precaution, as moving it from Minnesota to a specialist storage facility in Los Angeles means it will be “safer”.

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Prince - February 4, 2007; Prince the Halftime Show for Super Bowl XLI. December 25, 2008; Prince having a good time at the LA Lakers game. - Los Angeles And South Flordia, California, United States - Thursday 25th December 2008


Prince, Prince Rogers Nelson and 3rd Eye Girl - Prince performs at the First Direct Arena in Leeds on the last night of the UK leg of his Hit & Run Part II Tour - Leeds, United Kingdom - Saturday 24th May 2014

Prince and 3rd Eye Girl

Prince gig at Ronnie Scott's in Soho - Outside Arrivals and departures - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 18th February 2014

Prince, Ronnie Scott's and Soho

Crowds outside The Electric Ballroom in Camden awaiting a secret gig by Prince - Crowds seen gathered outside The Electric Ballroom in Camden, London where it is said that Prince will be playing a secret gig - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 5th February 2014


Elric, E-Class and Prince - Elric 'E-Class' Prince Wednesday 21st November 2012 Thanksgiving celebrations at at Bamboo Miami

Elric, E-class and Prince


Date of birth

7th June, 1958

Date of death

21st April, 2016








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