Adele has proved herself a unique performer on many occasions - from regularly interacting with her audience on current events, to helping with engagements or just being her very amusing self. But the latest intervention at her own gig got her mad when the singer had to call out a security guard after he tried to stop fans dancing at her concert.

AdeleAdele called out a security guard who kept telling her fans to sit down

The multi-award winning superstar - who recently dedicated her Album of the Year Grammy to Beyoncé - has been touring in Australia and recently had a to do with some of the staff at her Melbourne show.

As one security guard went around the stalls, telling her fans to sit down and stop dancing, the Hello hitmaker decided enough was enough.

The mouthy mother-of-one addressed the jobsworth and said: "Excuse me sir? I know you work here but could you stop telling people to sit down?

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"This is a music show."

She added: "If people can’t see then they can stand up. If you’re moaning about people dancing, what the f*** have you come to a show for?"

Adele has been surprising concert goers with new aspects of her personality every time she takes to the stage and her legions of many fans have been loving it.

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The star revealed she had secretly married her long-term beau and father to her son, Simon Konecki, during her Brisbane concert and she helped a gay couple get engaged in front of 77,000 people during her set in Melbourne.

It seems that the star is not afraid to say what she thinks.

Airing her further frustration, London-born Adele added: "If I see one more person be told to sit down, I swear to God."

Don’t test, Adele, she won’t have it at all.