If you’ve ever felt the overwhelming urge to give Adele a big hug – most of us have, I mean have you heard Someone Like You – her newly unveiled Madame Tussauds waxwork might just be your best bet. The singer joins the ranks of such pop stars as Rihanna, Beyonce and the late Amy Winehouse as just the latest celebrity doppelganger in the museum’s pop collection.

Adele Waxwork, Madame Tussauds
Completely accurate or buried deep into uncanny valley?

The wax museum’s PR manager Nicole Fenner explained that the new addition was in response to extremely high demand from museum patrons. The already large number of fans, who wanted to see Adele at Madame Tussauds only increased after the singer’s phenomenal success with Skyfall – part of the soundtrack for the anniversary Bond film, released last year. After being honored at both the Oscars and the Grammys, public interest in the singer piqued. Naturally, the museum had to respond and here she is! Or she will be, anyway, as the replica joins the museum’s permanent collection later this month.

Adele Waxwork, Madame Tussauds
Not exactly the real deal.

The lookalike is modeled after Adele’s appearance at the Grammys and sports the same classic cut black dress and blonde mane. The experts at Madame Tussauds seem to have taken a few small liberties with the model though, since Adele reportedly looks significantly slimmer in wax form, than she did at the event. And, for all the efforts to make her as lifelike as possible, the waxwork still resembles something out of a Barbie box more than the real deal. Oh well, she certainly isn’t going to experience a lack of visitors based on that.

Adele, Oscars
But that would be impossible to mimic.