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The Lovers Trailer

Mary (Debra Winger) and Michael (Tracy Letts) have been married for a long time and, like in so many long-term partnerships, their passion has cooled and they no longer fulfill each other romantically. As a result of this, both of them stray and begin serious affairs with other lovers (without each other knowing). Eventually, they decide to make the enormous decision of asking for a divorce, but neither of them can find it in their hearts to do it. Their lovers are getting angry and frustrated, and once again they find themselves in the arms of one another. For whatever reason, a spark as reignited between them, and they embark on their most passionate affair yet - with each other. 

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King Arthur Legend of the Sword Trailer

Arthur might have an extraordinary destiny, but after his birthright was taken from him at a young age, he has grown up an agent of the streets of Londonium and now the idea that he has royal blood is almost laughable. That is until he manages to unsheath the mighty sword of Excalibur from a stone; a feat that can only be achieved be he who is worthy of the throne. This forces him to make a choice, he can ignore the destiny that is pressing in around him or he can seize it once and for all. He joins the kingdom's resistance and it's there he meets the beautiful Guinevere who encourages him to learn of the power that he wields and defeat the tyrannous Vortigern, avenging his parents and ending his rule for good.

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Sing Street Trailer

Conor lives in Dublin and for the past 13 years, he's had a nice comfortable life. He lives with his brother and his mum and dad and was privileged enough to have a private education; however as his folks start having money problems Conor finds himself at the local school in surroundings he's unfamiliar with. 

Nothing comes easy for the teen but he makes a couple of friends and when he spots a girl called Raphina, he knows that she's the girl he's meant to be with. Growing up in the 80's, you weren't anyone unless you were in a band and Conor has just hatched a plan in his mind that's sure to see him climb the social ladder - and more importantly win the heart of his new beau - Conor is going to start a band and Raphina is going to be the lead star in their first music video. The only problem is at the moment there's no band. 

Changing his name to Cosmo and recruiting some more guys to join his band, Cosmo sets fame and the girl of his dreams in his sights.

Ambition Trailer

Human ambition is the thing that shapes the world and moulds our futures. From our ventures into space, our studies of evolution and experiments in human and animal reproduction, mankind will never stop searching for answers in a bid to gain more and more control of the planet and, ultimately, the universe. When one young apprentice sets out to understand and use nanotechnology in an unfamiliar environment, her ambitions are simply to show just how capable she is to the ultimate authority, but it seems her dreams are nowhere near reachable at this stage. The question is, will she overcome all odds or will she fail at the final hurdle?

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'Game Of Thrones' Actor Aidan Gillen Cast As Villain In 'The Maze Runner' Sequel

Aidan Gillen Will Poulter Thomas Sangster Kaya Scodelario Dylan O'Brien Chris Sheffield

Aidan Gillen, the actor best known for his role as Lord Petyr Baelish A.K.A. Littlefinger on Game of Thrones, has been cast as the villain in the upcoming sequel to The Maze Runner.

Aiden Gillen
Aiden Gillen will appear in The Maze Runner sequel.

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Calvary Review


After the 2011 black comedy The Guard, Brendan Gleeson reteams with writer-director John Michael McDonagh for a darker comical drama grappling with issues of faith and forgiveness. McDonagh's usual jagged dialogue and snappy characters are on-hand in abundance while the film digs deep through a rather meandering, episodic plot.

In rural Ireland, Father James (Brendan Gleeson) is quietly enduring confessionals when one of his parishioners says he's going to kill him next Sunday. Shaken, James begins to explore his faith and mortality over the coming week. His daughter Fiona (Kelly Reilly) arrives following another suicide attempt, and he consoles a grieving French visitor (Marie-Josee Croze) and visits an imprisoned killer (Domhnall Gleeson). But almost anyone in the village could be the aspiring murderer: the over-emotional butcher (Chris O'Dowd), drug-addict doctor (Aidan Gillen), ladies-man African (Isaach De Bankole), shifty millionaire (Dylan Moran), eccentric fisherman (M. Emmet Walsh).

Intriguingly, it never really matters who issued the threat (James has a pretty good idea), because that's not the point of the film. McDonagh is exploring bigger ideas here, adeptly mixing riotously funny dialogue with startlingly bleak emotions. The film's languid pace nearly lulls us to sleep, then wakes us up with another sparky scene-stealing performance from the gifted cast. Gleeson is wonderfully muted, expressing more with an exhausted sigh than most actors can manage with a Shakespearean monologue. His moments with Reilly crackle with honest emotion, and the deceptively simple scene between father and son actors Brendan and Domhnall is a heart-stopper.

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Calvary Trailer

Father James Lavelle is a good-natured priest whose life is thrown into confusion and disarray when an anonymous man tells him in confession that he will kill him in a week's time - the only reason being because Lavelle is an innocent man. Of all the shocking things he's ever heard in confession, none have thrown him quite as much as this. Unable to go to the police under the rules of the 'Seal of the Confessional', Lavelle consults his church peers pondering whether it was merely an idle threat, or whether his life really is in danger. In his apparent last week in existence, he scrutinises the corrupt individuals of his sin-filled parish, wondering along the way why people seem to focus more on their vices than their virtues, but when his beloved church is burnt to the ground, his views on good and evil become distorted.

'Calvary' is the darkly comic drama about the timeless story of good and evil, and guilt and innocence. It has been directed and written by BAFTA nominated John Michael McDonagh ('The Guard', 'Ned Kelly') and is set in Ireland's beautiful West Coast countryside. The film is set to be released on April 11th 2014.

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Cinema This Weekend? You Could Do Worse Than 'Mister John' [Trailer]

Aidan Gillen

In a packed and highly competitive weekend at the UK box-office, Mister John is likely to pass through unnoticed. Kristen Wiig is in town with her quirky comedy Girl Most Likely, while Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake head up Runner, Runner and Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal star in the well-received Prisoners. Oh, and there's Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine and Austenland. But spare a thought, and perhaps a few quid for Mister John, the new drama from Helen directors Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy.

Aidan Gillen Mister JohnThe Official Poster For 'Mister John'

It follows a man named Gerry (Aidan Gillen) who leaves London to look after his deceased brother's business in Singapore after discovering his wife's infidelities. Arriving in a world of opportunity, Gerry slips into his sibling's life both emotionally and physically. However, he struggles with the realisation that his loved ones remain in the UK and Gerry must choose between becoming his brother's alter ego 'Mister John' or returning to London to face his failing relationship.

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Mister John Trailer

Gerry Devine is faced with a dilemma after suffering two personal tragedies; his brother drowned near his home in Singapore and the mother of his child has been unfaithful in their marriage at home in London. The tiny but beautiful Far Eastern country offers him an idyllic escape and chance to start his life over when he ventures there to deal with his brother's business, an Irish bar called Mister Johns. Surrounded by a stunning landscape and desirable women, there's a large part of him that wants to remain, comforted by his attractive sister-in-law Kim. However, as he manages to get himself into some trouble and his wife continues to call him, miserable in his absence and desperately worried about their daughter, Gerry struggles to find the right path as his grief blurs his concept of what he believes is right and wrong.

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Shadow Dancer Review

Like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, this thriller refuses to burst out into action mode, preferring to keep its thrills cerebral as the characters circle around each other like sharks. It's a fiercely complex, intelligent film that's expertly handled by Marsh (Man on Wire) in his narrative directing debut. And while mainstream audiences may long for just one explosive car chase, there are plenty of resonant themes to hold our attention in other ways.

Riseborough gives her best-yet performance as Colette, a young IRA operative who visits London in 1993 and is arrested by MI5 agent Mac (Owen). He offers her a terrible deal she can't refuse: if she wants to avoid prison to raise her son, she'll have to return to Belfast and spy on her mother (Brennan) and activist brothers (Gillen and Gleeson). But when she gets home, she discovers that the IRA boss (Wilmot) knows there's a spy in their midst. Is he talking about her? Or is there another one? And Mac is also a bit nervous when his boss (Anderson) starts acting suspicious.

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Shadow Dancer Trailer

Colette McVeigh is a single mother who lives with her mother in Belfast. She is a republican with tyrannical brothers in the IRA. After a terminated plot to bomb London, she is arrested for the part she played in the scheme. MI5 agent Mac offers her a choice: go to prison for 25 years (after all, she is a terrorist), or go home to her mother and son and, in turn, spy on her extremist family and pass on information to Mac. However, no sooner has she become Mac's informant than Colette is in grave danger after suspicions are raised following an ambushed secret operation of her brothers'.

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Blitz Review

This British crime thriller is so unapologetic about recycling cliches that it's actually hilariously good fun to watch. Even with its glaring plot holes and camp performances, the cast and crew's chutzpah keeps it consistently entertaining.

Brant (Statham) is a bad-boy South East London detective always in trouble with the authorities. But he gets the job done, so his loyal chief (Rylance) protects him. His new challenge is to find a brazen psycho (Gillen) who's killing cops in cold blood. Working with new boss Nash (Considine), who's tormented for being gay, Brant starts bullishly breaking the rules to solve the case. Meanwhile, the killer is leaking information to a tabloid hack (Morrissey). And another of Brant's cop pals (Ashton) is struggling with returning to the job after her stint in rehab.

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Blitz Trailer

When a psychopathic man sets out on a vicious killing spree targeting police officers the police force bring in a hard hitting cop called Brant in to investigate and hunt down the man who calls himself Blitz. Knowing the rampage will not stop until the man is captured the Brant must use all his wits to stay one step ahead of the killer who seems to have an intricate knowledge of the local police station and how they operate.

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The Low Down Review

I like the slacker mentality, really I do. Nights of parties, days of sleeping them off, not a care in the world. The sad thing is that, with rare exception (namely Slacker), movies about the slacker mentality come off as if they too were made without a care in the world.

The Low Down is Exhibit A when it comes to this offense. Lazy, meandering, mopey, and flat, this is a cheap-looking film obsessed with showing off a hip image it doesn't actually have.

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Aidan Gillen

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