Al Pacino can certainly be described as a method actor when it comes to getting under the skin of the characters he is about to portray.

However, despite taking on the role of former record producer and convicted killer Phil Spector for an HBO movie, Pacino decided against visiting the man in prison. Instead, he opted for watching video tapes of the man in order to get into character. Reason being that, according to Pacino, the man he would be portraying – the Spector before conviction - would not be the same man that he would be visiting in prison.

His decision didn’t make much of a difference, however, as it turned out that the actor had already met Spector about 20 years prior. A friend showed Pacino a photograph, in which he was standing next to the producer, dated a couple of decades back. The actor said he had no memory of the event. The film, entitled Phil Spector, is set to debut sometime in March and is going to focus on Spector’s relationship with his lawyer Linda Baden. In the flick, Baden will be played by Helen Miren. All in all, with such a star-studded cast, this might be one to watch out for in 2013.