One of the greatest things about being a young actor has got to be getting to work with veterans of the profession who inspired you to take up a career on the stage and/or screen in the first place. For Amanda Seyfried, it was a dream come true getting to work alongside Shirley Maclaine.

Shirley MacLaine and Amanda SeyfriedShirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried star together in 'The Last Word'

Amanda and Shirley star together in the recently released comedy drama 'The Last Word', in which Amanda plays a struggling journalist and Shirley plays an unlikeable businesswoman who wants to oversee the writing of her obituary knowing full well that few people have anything nice to say about her.

'In my wildest dreams I never imagined I'd be working with her', Amanda said. 'It's been incredible. I've never had the opportunity to create a relationship that reflects my experience with an actor so well. Shirley's got a lot of history, she has a lot of things to say and she's very passionate about those things. I really respect that.

Watch the trailer for 'The Last Word' here:


Likewise, Shirley has said: 'I adore Amanda', and that connection was obvious in the movie as we see Amanda's character Anne trying to help Shirley's character Harriet find a way of making a positive and memorable impact on somebody's life before she dies, so that she can go peacefully knowing that she tried to change her ways in the end.

Later this year, Amanda will be seeing the release of a handful of her movies including the highly secretive untitled Nash Edgerton project, Dito Montiel comedy 'The Clapper' and Andrew Niccol sci-fi thriller 'Anon', and she will also appear in the forthcoming reboot of David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks'. She will also star in next year's Paul Schrader drama 'First Reformed'.

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Shirley MacLaine is also active, starring in the forthcoming non-Disney version of 'The Little Mermaid' and a fantasy entitled 'Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver' based on the novel by Michael Ende. She's currently filming a basketball biopic entitled 'Men of Granite'.