Andrew Garfield's body inspiration for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' was Bruce Lee.

The actor delighted producers with his transformation from a ''nerdy, skinny young kid'' into a muscle-bound action star for his role as the titular character and his Alter Ego Peter Parker in the movie, and used an iconic picture of the late 'Enter the Dragon' actor for reference when getting in shape for the film.

Stunt coordinator Andy Armstrong revealed: ''When we first met him, he was quite nerdy, a skinny guy; a young kid, really.

''He wanted to get genuine strength. Our only reference point when approached to help create the character was an early '60s picture of Bruce Lee's torso. That was the form they'd love this character to be based on.

''I showed this [photo] to Andrew, and brought him a trainer who told him he could do this Hollywood-style; bulk up, and six weeks into training [he'd] have huge chest, shoulders and arms, but no real strength.

''Andrew and the trainer went the other way. They stripped him down to probably around 100 pounds, then built him back up in core strength. He was the same size when he started, but his strength was incredible.''

Andy went on to praise the actor's physical transformation as ''sensational'', particularly during a shirtless scene opposite real-life girlfriend Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy.

He added to MTV News: ''It was a fantastic moment. One of my riggers just said, 'Wow. Look at him!'

''[He became] that picture. It was that '60s picture of Bruce Lee's body, nothing but sinew and muscle. He realised this as well. He became an inch and a half taller, just in posture. He was sensational.''