Disney bosses recently announced plans to give the beloved British nanny a revamp in a new film directed by Chicago filmmaker Rob Marshall, with a story set 20 years after Julie Andrews' classic 1964 musical.

Rumours suggest Hathaway, who appeared alongside Andrews in The Princess Diaries, is already a frontrunner for the titular role, and Hollywood icon Robert De Niro believes his The Intern co-star would be a perfect fit.

He tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, "I saw them announce it on television and they mentioned Mary Poppins and I was thinking - I said, 'That's Annie'."

However, Hathaway insists she has yet to hear anything about the upcoming project, saying, "No one's talked to me about it."

The Les Miserables star goes on to admit there is another actress who may be better suited for the top role - her The Devil Wears Prada pal Emily Blunt.

She adds, "I feel like she's going to get it - she's British!"

Mary Poppins isn't the only future film role the Oscar winner has her eye on - she would also jump at the chance to join comedienne Amy Schumer in a Trainwreck sequel.

She continues, "I would love to see me in that. Not gonna lie, that's just an open-hearted wish!"