The Problem hitmaker began feeling unwell last week (ends06Sep15), telling her fans on, "I'm sick & have terrible chills" but she managed to get through a show in Portland, Oregon on Friday (04Sep15).

However, her condition got progressively worse and she updated fans over the weekend (05-06Sep15), writing, "Sick sick sick. everything hurts... Resting / tryna (trying to) get better for tomorrow".

Grande's health did not improve in time for the Sacramento show so it was postponed until Thursday (10Sep15).

She apologised to ticketholders, writing, "Sacramento, I'm so so so so sorry that I'm unable to perform for you tonight. I'm just too sick... I never want to disappoint you. Rescheduling the show for Thursday and I really hope I can make it up to you then... & I love you so so much."

She is next set to perform in Mountain View, California on Tuesday night (08Sep15).