Movie star Armie Hammer is planning a major Vespa trip across America.

The Social Network star is desperate to get two months off in his busy schedule so he can hit the highway with his wife and their friends.

Appearing on Tuesday night's (02Jul13) Jimmy Kimmel Live! he explains, "If I get two months where I don't have to do anything, I'm gonna cross the entire country on my Vespa... a group of us.

"We have everything planned. It's myself, it's my buddy Ashton, his brother Tyler, my wife... it's a very eclectic group... We are only allowed to take what we can carry on the Vespas, we're only allowed to sleep indoors if someone invites us to stay in their house... and if something breaks, you have to fix it yourself.

"At one point we had planned to ride through the Apache Indian reservation... and it's a plan that we see about 150 miles all on dirt roads and no gas stations."