Beatles fans have been banned from taking photos of pupils at a Liverpool school attended by Fab Four members John Lennon and George Harrison - because of fears for their safety.
Dovedale Junior School is a Mecca for fans of the pop legends who flock to Liverpool from around the globe to visit landmarks in the lives of Beatles Lennon, Harrison, Paul MCCartney and Ringo Starr.
But hundreds of sightseers catching snapshots of kids playing on school grounds have provoked concern from parents and prompted school bosses to set up strict new rules about what fans can and cannot capture on film.
Devotees will still be allowed to photograph the building, but huge new signs warn the playground is out of bounds.
Head teacher Nik Smith explains, "At times it can be quite difficult to explain that taking photographs while the children are out on the playground is not allowed as many of the tourists are foreign and the language barrier can be a difficulty.
"We thought that a sign is universal and is self explanatory. We do try to encourage tourists to come to the front of the buildings to take a photograph where there are no children."