Word is, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have their very own sitcom, and it’s been picked up by CBS for a pilot. The multi-camera comedy is called More Time With the Family and is from 20th Century Fox Television.

Matt DamonBen Affleck
Best buds: Damon and Affleck are combining on a new sitcom

It will star comedian Tom Papa – a family man who doesn’t see much of his family. To remedy this, he overhauls his life, changing career to spend more time with the ones he loves. We’re assuming, somewhere down the line, it’s not what he assumed it would be.

Despite Damon and Affleck’s close friendship, the project actually originated from Damon and Papa, who know each other from their work on The Informant and Behind The Candelabra. Of course, with the pair being perennial collaborators, Damon’s influence was bound to be felt at some point or another.

So Damon/Affleck exec produce alongside Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith who also write. Papa stars, but also produces in some capacity. Reaction to the sitcom has, so far, been generally positive.

This is the second pilot for Affleck this season; he’s put pen to paper with Fox as they ordered his crime drama, The Middle Man. Affleck has had to pull out of directing due to Man of Steel 2 filming commitments, while Fox are deciding weather to wait for him or find someone new to helm.

Affleck and Damon’s close relationship saw them win an Oscar back in 1998 for writing Good Will Hunting. Since then, Affleck’s career has taken some pretty strange turns, but his triumph with Argo – winning an Oscar for Best Director – and recent casting as Batman has seen him firmly re-establish his reputation.

Damon will be on the big screen soon with his role in The Monuments Men, in which he stars alongside George Clooney, who directed, produces and stars in the World War 2 black comedy/drama.

Tom PapaTom Papa takes a starring role in More Time with The Family