Country star Blake Shelton is giving back to fans by announcing plans to play a free concert in Georgia on Friday night (22Mar13) - a day after staging an impromptu show in South Carolina on Thursday (21Mar13).

The Honey Bee hitmaker decided to make the most of his free time on Thursday by putting together a gig at a bar in Greenville after reminiscing about the sets he used to play early on in his career.

Teasing his fans with the news, he wrote, "Hey..... I know!!!! Maybe I should just set up somewhere and play country music FOR FREE ALL NIGHT LONG. Like we did back in the old days.

"Brain storming... (not easy for me). If I do this it will include a s**t load of classic country music... 80's are my favorite. I'm talking one of those nights that takes days to recover from. A party. A celebration of country music. A celebration of country fans!"

He then declared: "Greenville, South Carolina... You!!!!!! Blind horse saloon tonight!!! Be there."

Shelton had so much fun at the unexpected gig, he has chosen to repeat the free feat in Georgia.

In a series of posts on Friday, he writes, "My god last night was epic... Thanks again Greenville!!! I love my fans and I live for country music!!!! And even though we played over 3 hours I still have several Pages of songs we didn't get to do... This is a problem.

"That's it!!!! I have got to do another free country music celebration!!! MACon, Georgia.. You!!!! Whiskey River tonight!! Be there..."