Rock star Bono survived a brush with aircraft danger after his private plane lost its tailgate as it was coming in to land in the German capital airport. The Irish U2 frontman, 54, was travelling with four friends from Dublin to Berlin when the incident happened.

He was making his way to Berlin in his £50 million Learjet 60 to accept an award at the Bambi International Music Awards in the city.

Bono's private jet lost its tailgate on the way to Berlin but he was unhurt

He was not with his U2 bandmates, however, as Larry Mullen, the Edge and Adam Clayton were due to fly over later.

While the tailgate fell off as they were flying, there was reportedly no mayday distress call made and it was business as usual when landing for the six-seater private jet.

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A spokesperson for Berlin Schonefeld Airport, Ralf Kunkel, said: "To our knowledge, there was no danger of crashing.

"The German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation has begun an investigation into the cause of the incident."

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An hour after the accident Bono met with Germany’s development minister Gerd Mueller as previously planned in the centre of Berlin to discuss overseas aid projects.