If you thought the Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 advert that went out earlier this week was weird, just wait until you see this latest one.

Chanel clearly think they are breaking the mould by asking a Hollywood hunk to front the campaign for a female fragrance but all they are actually breaking is a) their own bank (Brad reportedly earned a staggering $7 million to take part in these ads and b) our tiny little minds.

In this latest attempt at marketing their classic fragrance, Chanel have got Anna Karenina director JOE WRIGHT on board, to showcase a bewildering display of glamorous women doing the kinds of things that glamorous women do – gazing out over city skylines, walking on water. You know – those kinds of things. Just the kind of everyday glamorous lady kind of activity that gets you thinking ‘ooh, I bet she smells lovely.’ Over the top of these images, Brad Pitt coos handsomely, spouting words, about… about… hold on, let’s listen again… Nope. No idea what he’s going on about. Sounds as though he’s got a half-written novella stuck in his throat and is desperately trying to spit it back out.

“It is not a journey, a journey will end, but we go on… plans disappear, plans take over but wherever I go, there you are, my luck my fate, my fortune,” purrs Pitt, pointlessly. Now, if anyone actually ever uttered these words to you, in every day conversation, would you have a single clue what they were on about? No. Whatever happened to good old fashioned advertising slogans like ‘Gillette: the Best a Man Can Get’? Allow us to translate, then: Chanel: The Best A Man Can Buy For His Wife / Girlfriend / Lover This Christmas.’