There were some pretty nasty accusations flying round on what was otherwise a cordial affair at the Baftas last night; when Emma Thompson read out Barkhad Abdi’s name for the Best Supporting Actor award, the camera fixed on Bradley Cooper and his apparent, “who’s that?” snub.

Barkhad AbdiBarkhad Abdi picked up the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor

Of course, as a supporting actor in one of 2013’s biggest films, acting alongside Tom Hanks and directed by Paul Greengrass, it’s pretty obvious who Abdi is to anyone in the industry, let alone anyone with even a fleeting interest in film. And that’s something Cooper sought to reiterate. He told The Independent: “I can’t even tell you how insulting this is not only to me but to Barkhad."

"I turned to Dave [O' Russell] and said how awesome he was, and I was actually talking to Stephen Fry last night about how amazing it was that he was recognised.”

Cooper added: "I would have to be completely inept to not know about him or his performance. It doesn’t even make any sense. It was the opposite of this. I was really excited for him,” to set the record straight.

Abdi has also picked up an Oscar nomination for his role as Somali pirate Muse in Captain Phillips. Although, despite knowing exactly who is, we don’t think the supporting actor nod should have been pointed towards him, rather Michael Fassbender for his terrifying role as the unscrupulous, hideously cruel plantation owner Edwin Epps in 12 Years a Slave, which did pick up the Best Film award.

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Bradley CooperBradley Cooper was insulted by claims he asked who Barkhad Abdi was