Vince McMahon is without a doubt one of the most polarising figures in sports entertainment. As a former commentator and announcer in the world of wrestling, as well as lending his talents to in-ring performing and acting, Vincent Kennedy McMahon is now the Chairman and CEO of the world's leading wrestling company, World Wrestling Entertainment (otherwise known as WWE).

Bradley Cooper recently rocked out at Glastonbury FestivalBradley Cooper recently rocked out at Glastonbury Festival

It was revealed earlier this year that Vince's story would be turned into a Hollywood biopic named 'Pandemonium', with the drama directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, and a script written by Craig A. Williams. With Vince himself on board as a producer and the film now also being a project worked on by WWE Studios however, that script could be going through some heavy rewrites, especially considering all of the controversy that has followed Vince around in his life, and which could paint the CEO and his company in a negative light.

Whatever happens when it comes to the story being told in 'Pandemonium', one thing is for certain; an A-list star is being eyed up when it comes to tackling the challenging leading role.

'Pandemonium' will tell the story of the always-eccentric Vince McMahon'Pandemonium' will tell the story of the always-eccentric Vince McMahon

PWInsider has this past weekend reported that Bradley Cooper is first in line to secure the role, with the actor said to have been offered the lead a number of weeks back. Already attached to a number of films, including 'Avengers: Infinity War' and his collaboration with Lady Gaga on 'A Star Is Born' however, Cooper is an extremely busy man; could he really afford adding another major motion picture to his slate?

There's no word yet on whether the actor is interested in the role, but we imagine it's one that he's seriously considering, as it'd be like nothing he's done before.

Showcasing his talents in a variety of films, from the hit comedy 'Hangover' series to the sternly serious 'American Sniper', which was based on a true story, Cooper has already proved he's got the acting chops to take on widely different roles. Playing Mr. McMahon could be another stroke of brilliance from the star.

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We'll bring you more information on the Vince McMahon biopic 'Pandemonium' as and when we get it.