In The Other Woman, there are three ‘other women. Cameron Diaz, a lawyer who finds out her ‘boyfriend’ has a wife. The wife (Leslie Mann). And then there’s Kate Upton, who is the girl Mark King is cheating on with the aforementioned woman. That’s The Other Woman.

The Other WomanUpton, Diaz and Mann set about their revenge in "The Other Woman"

The three combine their best assets (Diaz has the brains as she’s a lawyer and Mann’s anger comprises the second spike in a trident completed by Upton’s boobs) to take this piece of work down. It’s a film about empowering women, apparently.  

But if you’re thinking about checking it out this weekend, then we’d suggest you cheat on “The Other Woman” with ‘any other film’. Seriously. See Spider-Man 2 again. Watch a DVD.

The critics haven’t fallen in love with Diaz, Mann and Upton’s attempt to assert their dominance over the adulterous King. In fact, their lack of affection has lead to a pretty measly score of 45% on Rotten Tomatoes. And here’s what they had to say about the whole debacle. 

“There's ... something rather sad about Diaz and Mann nattering on about blokes as if they are just out of high school,” wrote Siobhan Synnot for Scotsman.

Leslie Mann The Other WomanLeslie Mann in 'The Other Woman'

“The director's lack of subtlety extends to the selection of music used on the soundtrack; [like] the theme from Mission: Impossible and that's only one of the blindingly obvious uses of music cues,” noted David Stratton of The Australian. 

Flicks were pretty down it too, with Dominic Corry noting it “Never once elicits a genuine laugh or even the slightest amount of empowerment.”

But perhaps the biggest indictment for “The Other Woman” is that The Daily Star quite liked it. “Whenever the slapstick and the shouting begins to grate, the script reels you back in with a sharply written line.”

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