Carrie Strikes Back: Great news for Star Wars fans this week, with Carrie Fisher confirming that she'll reprise her role as Princess Leia in J.J. Abrams' forthcoming movie Star Wars Episode 7. Fisher, 56, joked that her age might make things a little tricky this time around.

It's A Girl! Or Is It? Did Kate Middleton inadvertently give away the gender of her baby this week? During a public appearance in the UK, the Duchess of Cambridge told one well-wisher that she would give a gift to her d..before stopping short

The Legend Continues: Forget Han Solo and Star Wars, because Harrison Ford has gotten his priorities in order, signing on for Will Ferrell's Anchorman sequel. The legendary Hollywood star will play a respected newsman, and joins fellow newcomer Kristen Wiig. Shooting begins in Atlanta this month.

Go To Hell! Taylor Swift turned things up a notch in her public feud with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler this week, claiming the pair will most likely go to hell for bashing her at the Golden Globes. Check out Poehler's pretty funny riposte!

The Next Argo? Bittersweet news for Jon Stewart fans this week. The 'Daily Show' host is going on hiatus, to direct a movie! The Emmy-winner will helm an adaptation of a BBC reporter's memoir about being tortured in Iran.

Skyfall's the Limit: Sam Mendes is calling time on his association with the Bond franchise after just one movie. In fairness, no director has taken charge of more than one 007 project since the films of John Glen, and Mendes is no different, despite Skyfall breaking all UK box-office records and gaining critical acclaim worldwide.

When Mila Met Chris: Mila Kunis became just about everybody's favourite celebrity this week, after her interview with a rookie UK reporter went viral. Turning the tables after a nervy start, Mila got Chris chatting about his football team, his nights out with the lads, Jagerbombs and Nandos chicken!

Lamb To The Slaughter? U.S. rocker singer Randy Blythe was spared a lengthy spell in a Czech prison this week after being found not-guilty of manslaughter. Blythe's fans were uproarious after it was announced he would be heading home to the U.S. after spending months in custody in Europe

"Can't I Get Some Sleep?" A new Iron Man 3 trailer hit the web this week, hinting at a darker plot to Shane Black's forthcoming movie. Saying that, Tony Stark's dry sense of humour was once again on show!

Video Of The Week: This week's hottest footage comes from the Independent Spirit Awards, where Jennifer Lawrence was spotted signing autographs for her fans, before winning yet another Best Actress award.