Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's children will remain in Denise Richards' care.

While Brooke, 35, who is currently on her 20th rehab stay, tried to have her twins Bob and Max, four, removed from the temporary custody of Charlie's ex-wife Denise and placed with her brother, a judge has denied her request.

A source told RadarOnline: ''There was no second guessing from the judge, Brooke's request was shot down. The twins will be staying with Denise Richards for the foreseeable future. Bob and Max won't be going out to Palm Springs to see her at the Betty Ford Clinic on Mother's Day (13.05.13), nor will her brother get temporary custody of them. Bob and Max are flourishing under the care of Denise, and the judge saw no reason to change that.''

It was previously revealed Brooke will face an uphill battle to regain custody of her children, due to her previous addictions.

A source said: ''Bob and Max won't be placed back in Brooke's care until officials feel that they will be safe in her care. Brooke is going to have jump through hoops to get them back. Going to rehab is not going to be enough. She has been nineteen times in the past, and currently getting treatment for the twentieth time.

''The boys are thriving in Denise's house, and since Charlie lives in the same gated community, he has been spending more time with them.''