Coldplay aren't handsome enough to compete with Take That.

The 'Princess of China' group - who are famous for the flashing wristbands they hand out a their concerts to create a lightshow - have decided to scale down their live performances following a recent stadium tour because they can't compete with the good looking boy band.

Lead singer Chris Martin said: ''I think what we do next will probably be something quite small, but that doesn't mean we don't love doing the big stuff! It's probably good for us to mix it up a bit. You can't keep trying to get bigger and bigger, you can't try and compete with Take That! They do have Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow, they have those five handsome men and you don't need wristbands when you have that much talent in the looks department!''

Meanwhile, guitarist Jonny Buckland has encouraged people to come to their concerts even if they are not fans of Coldplay's music because the light show is so good.

He told Bauer Radio: ''It looks amazing, it just makes everyone have a great time, most of all us and it just feels so magical! So we're just immensely grateful for them. Even if you don't like our music now, I would say come to the show just to see that - wear earplugs, bring a book and when The Lights come on have a look!''

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