David Beckham was looking super-smooth at New York Fashion Week, in more ways than one. One fan even had the gall to suggest he's had a few face fillers to iron out his visage, but now the star has since insisted that his looks are all natural.

David Beckham snapped on the red carpetDavid Beckham snapped on the red carpet

The former soccer star is 42-years-old and yet he still has a face to rival most men in their 20s. So it's no surprise, then, that one woman expressed suspicion when she clapped eyes on a rather dapper photo of him with his 18-year-old son Brooklyn and the editor-in-chief of British Vogue Edward Enninful on the front row of Victoria Beckham's fashion show in New York.

'Botox looks good on David Beckham', she wrote on British Vogue's Instagram post. 

David immediately hit back with: 'I don't agree with Botox miss but I'll take it as a compliment.' While most are willing to accept the retired footballer's word for it, the woman in question did not seem convinced.

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'Just stated the fact. It's Botox - no big deal', she replied.

To be fair to David, the picture wasn't exactly the best quality and the lights at a fashion show are designed to make the models look as good as possible - so it's hardly surprising that they worked on him too. Plus, he has since posted a shot of himself in all his forehead-wrinkle glory, so we're inclined to believe that he's kept away from the needle.

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Also, let's just point out for the record, 42 really isn't that old; if you have a healthy lifestyle and take care of your skin (which David surely does), you're not likely to be sporting heavy ageing lines at that age. Meanwhile, it was only two years ago that he was voted Sexiest Man Alive by People, and that's largely down to his sharp physique. Why waste money on Botox when you have abs like that?!