David Guetta was ''excited'' to work with Taped Rai.

The French DJ -and-producer has collaborated with the Swedish newcomer duo on his upcoming single 'Just One Last Time' and although David, 45, hadn't heard of the pair until last year, he was keen to work with them and help them ''grow'' as artists.

He explained: ''I had never heard of [Taped Rai] before, but as I'm always really excited to work with new artists, I contacted them immediately.

''I'm known for my collaborations with international superstars, and at that time I'd just finished two features with [former Zero 7 collaborator] Sia. Her song 'Breathe Me' is well-known, but she wasn't so well-known on a global level.

''What I mean is I am always open to meet new people, discover new talents and I want to help them to grow. A few days later I started working on the tune, they liked it and we finished it together in my studio in Ibiza.''

David described working with Taped Rai as a ''demanding'' process due to it being their first record, but sees the outcome of the single as ''outstanding'' and bonded with them over their strong work morals.

He added to the Evening Chronicle newspaper: ''As it was their first record, they were quite demanding and we had quite a few sessions in the studio.

''At the time it felt a bit long, longer than usual for me, but it was for the best in the end. I appreciated working with the guys and the result is outstanding. They have a really strong work ethic and I respect that.''