Dax Shepard has returned to the director's (and writer's) chair with a new comedy project entitled 'CHIPS', which he has adapted from the original 70s cop series of the same name. The trailer sees him also starring in the movie alongside Michael Peña, who both play two motorcycle cops trying to take down a crooked officer.

Dax Shepard in 'CHIPS'Dax Shepard stars in 'CHIPS'

Shepard has adapted Rick Rosner's original NBC show 'ChiPs' (which ran between 1977 and 1983) into a movie with the same two lead characters: Frank 'Ponch' Poncherello and Jon Baker (originally played by Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox respectively). However, there's a slightly different premise when it comes to uniting this comedic duo.

Ponch (Peña) isn't actually an officer in the California Highway Patrol (CHiP); in fact, his name's not really Francis Llewellyn Poncherello. He's an FBI agent assigned by his boss to go undercover as a CHiP to sniff out a crooked policeman within the department. He's teamed up with CHiP's newest recruit Jon Baker, who's an experience motorcyclist even if he has had more accidents than he can count. Together they try not to kill themselves, each other or surrounding civilians as they recklessly go about their daily business.

Watch the trailer for 'CHIPS' here:


While it may seem Ponch has the upper-hand, Baker is somewhat of a mentor to him on his first CHiP journey, teaching him the ins and outs of Highway Patrol and breaking down awkward barriers about masculinity - so much so that Ponch even opens up to him about his secret mission. Though, Baker has his own personal problems; he's trying to save his marriage to his wife (played by Shepard's real wife Kristen Bell), and he's hoping the job will do it.

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Also starring in the movie is Vincent D'Onofrio as crooked officer Vic Brown as well as Adam Brody as a character named Clay Allen. Meanwhile, the aforementioned creator of the original series is on board as an executive producer. 'CHIPS' marks third feature directorial venture and first since 2012's 'Hit and Run'.

'CHIPS' will be released in US theatres on March 24th 2017.

Michael Pena in 'CHIPS'Michael Pena plays Frank Poncherello in 'CHIPS'