Flashback to those glamourous 1980s and Eddie Murphy was the King of Comedy Movies but these days the former funny man favourite likes to rehearse reggae more than he likes to rehearse scripts. And to prove it, the 54-year-old actor-cum-singer released Oh Jah Jah earlier this year.

Eddie MurphyEddie Murphy is more concerned with making good music in his latest reggae career move

In a video of a somewhat lower quality than the movies in which he was the star, Murphy takes on the world of reggae as he sings about police brutality to a tune not completely dissimilar to reggae’s own legend, Bob Marley.

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Unfortunately, the track can only be described as something slightly reminiscent of Mr Marley’s style without being anywhere near the genius that reggae has seen before but it is a decent effort from the stand-up comedian.

Decent enough that Oh Jah Jah took the number one spot on the iTunes reggae chart and debuted at number four on the US Billboard reggae digital songs chart.

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Despite a Murphy and Snoop Lion collaboration in 2013 called Red Light that went relatively unnoticed, there are rumours abound that this could be the beginning of further trips to the studio for Murphy who has also worked on a song with Beenie Man that is slated for release later year.

Many may lament the loss of Murphy the funny movie master but click here to watch his Oh Jah Jah video and you could find yourself surprisingly impressed.