Eminem could very well be readying himself to release album number 8 as early as next year, and the clue to its release may very well be found in a piece of merchandise of his.

Earlier this week, Exclaim reported that a ‘baseball tribute hat’ had become available on the rapper's online store, with the side of the hat listing ‘world championship’, or rather album release dates. Starting with 1996's Infinite, the list goes up to 2013, which potentially means that Marshall Mathers is all but done with recording the follow-up to 2010’s Recovery and is just applying the finishing touches already. Em had already discussed his plans to make a new album in the near future during the summer, with the hat further cementing his claims.

He discussed his upcoming work with US radio DJ Whoo Kid, saying at the time he had not yet made any progress thus far, but is planning on sending his stuff over to Dr Dre when he thinks they're done so he can “listen and see what he thinks I'm missing." Producer No ID and fellow rapper 50 Cent have also spoken about the upcoming project and their contribution to it, with 50 saying that he is set to appear on either the album’s “first or second single.”