Emma Watson has admitted the relief she now feels having finished filming the long running Harry Potter film franchise, admitting to The Telegraph newspaper that she enjoyed being on the set of her new film, The Perks of Being A Wallflower due to the fact that she could “experience everything I missed growing up.”

She told the paper that, having spent much of the last decade film her role as Heroine Granger, working on the new film gave her the chance to let her hair down a little and enjoy herself. She went on to admit that she isn’t quite sure “how we got away with [doing] as much as we did” in-between filming scenes for the new film, as she was involved with any number of disruptive activities whilst off set.

With all the cast for Wallflower sharing one floor of a hotel, she admitted that she and co-star Ezra Miller opened the doors in between their rooms in a bid to turn the ground floor of the hotel into something not to dissimilar to a hippy commune.

She also gave an insight into her usually closed off love life, and revealed that she has picked up a bit of knowledge on how to deal with public interference and how to handle the ups and downs of love. Admitting that her first forays into relationships were unsuccessful and made her a little miserable, however her time filming Wallflower gave her a more positive outlook on love.