Eva Longoria PARKER keeps in touch with the Wendy's manager who gave her her first job - because she loved working at the fast food restaurant.
The Desperate Housewives star worked at a Wendy's in her native Texas for six years and still has fond memories of her pre-fame job.
She tells Latina magazine, "I loved it. And I still love them. They are an amazing organisation. I still keep in touch with my manager from when I was 14. They are just great to me.
"I wanted to have a quinceanera (15th birthday party), so I went to Wendy's to work to pay for my own quinceanera. I stayed.
"I paid for my cheerleading and everything through that. It was like whatever you want to do outside of school, you have to pay for it. I never had a car because I was always trying to save."