Frank Ocean performed a memorable set at last night’s (Thursday September 6th) MTV Video Music Awards, putting on a stripped back performance that showed off his truly impressive vocal talent.
Ocean has been in the news a fair amount recently, for the success of his debut album, Chanel Orange, and revelations about his sexuality prior to that, however his performance made sure that it is his stage presence that resonates amongst the public, and the massive talent he possesses. After a raucous performance from Rihanna, which also featured her being joined by ASAP Rocky and Calvin Harris, the stage was set ablaze around a campfire set-up, which, once the smoke had cleared a bit, featured Ocean sitting alone on a prop rock. With the screens behind him awash with stars, Ocean kicked into an a cappella version of his hit ‘Thinking About You’, proving himself to be the antithesis of every other performance that night.
As well as Rihanna’s rambunctious and guest-laden performance, other performers included Taylor Swift being held aloft her backing backers before crowd surfing, further stage diving antics from Lil Wayne and 2 CHAINZ and Pink entering the stage on a giant pair of red lips. Still, it was Ocean who stole the show and gave the performance of the night.