Gigi Hadid has been caught up in a social media storm regarding the latest cover of Vogue Italia magazine, with the fashion publication being accused of using digitally altering her skin to make her appear darker.

Shot by celebrated American photographer Steven Klein for the May 2018 edition, and featuring Hadid posing with male model Justin Martin, the 23 year old supermodel shared the image via her Instagram on Thursday morning (May 3rd).

Some felt it wasn’t entirely implausible that Hadid should have such dark skin in a photoshoot – her father, Mohamed, is of Palestinian descent – but many called out both Vogue Italia for allegedly artificially darkening her skin, and Hadid herself for not raising objections to it.

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One commenter wrote: “Her skin is far, far away from tan. They are so many models from other races; black, Asian and so many more she is a role model for many young girls. This photoshoot is an insult to all the beautiful black women.”

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“There’s a difference between getting a tan look (most of her pics) to actually changing her pigment to a shade of brown that a tan would never do AKA unnatural AF,” wrote another.

“Also her face has been altered SO hard. This is an actual ongoing issue and POC should be hella offended, outta here with that privilege.”

It isn’t the first time that Gigi has been caught up in a controversy like this. Last year, she landed the cover for Vogue Arabia’s first-ever issue, but was called out for wearing a hijab, a face veil worn by millions of Muslim women over the world, in the photoshoot. Many perceived it as cultural appropriation, of using the hijab as a prop, rather than for religious reasons.

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