The Private Benjamin star was given the chance to tackle a role as a guest host on the all-female chat show on 12 October (15), but the wardrobe restrictions left her scrambling to find something suitable to wear.

"I was about to go on and they said 'You can't wear this and you can't wear that and you can't wear any (top that is) low cut'," Goldie tells U.K. chat show host Alan Carr.

"It's their rules, I totally get it. But I did not bring anything like that. I thought 'Why did not I get this information earlier?' It's not like I come over with a trunk - like the old days. I threw a bunch of things in the suitcase. I had one dress and it is black and purple so I wore that."

The stringent rules on what the Hollywood legend could wear contrasted with her escorts on to the Loose Women set - she walked on with two topless male models by her side.