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Green Day - Holiday - Single Review

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14 th March 2005

Okay so it is hardly the national holiday season, or not quite the time for packing your bags for 2 weeks on Spain’s beaches, and Greenday know this, “ Holiday” is far from sipping cocktails brought to you by a Spanish waiter.

In true “American Idiot” style, this powerful track throws away the subtle but clever political undertones of “Boulevard of Broken

Green Day - Holiday - Single Review

Dreams,” and jumps straight in with a scathing and angry attack against their government, war, and how people who make a stand are treated:

“Hear the drum beating out of time,

Another protester has crossed the line”

The opening distorted riffs instantly give you that, turn up the stereo feeling, and the rather chilling melodies are joined by “say it like you mean it” drums, before finally the finishing touch is added and Billie Joe’s growly melodic vocals. Together all these elements pack a meaningful punk punch.

A cracking solo from bassist Mike Dirnt tells you something good is heading the way of your ears, as he leads into an exciting breakdown, which gives the relentless riffing a rest, and allows for distorted protest style raspy growls to echo through some strongly political statements:

Zieg Heil to the president gasman

Bombs away is your punishment

Pulverise the Eiffel towers

Who criticise your government

Holiday is the 3 rd stunner to be released from “American Idiot,” and the band remains true to form, with all the trademark qualities in place, infectious riffs, politics, angst and quality harmonies/musicianship. And most importantly, for those annoyed by the tarring of the Mature Punk brush, and sell-out stadium tours, they are most definitely still punks:

"Punk rock is about being an individual, doing whatever you want and always breaking your own rules." (Armstrong)

Katherine Tomlinson