Harrison Ford has spoken for the first time about his miraculous escape from a plane crash seven months ago, after a vintage light aeroplane he was piloting crash-landed on a golf course on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

It was only thanks to Ford’s impeccable skills and execution that he managed to walk away relatively unscathed, and what happened would have been fatal under almost any other circumstance, crash investigators revealed soon after the accident back in March.

The 73 year old appeared on a special Star Wars / Halloween edition of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ – dressed as a hot dog, natch – and spoke about his recollections of the incident, as well as the new movie.

“Yeah I remember. Not all of it, I remember some of it,” Ford revealed. “I remember the engine stopping, I remember that part very well. And then I remember the tower, I remember their suggestion. Their suggestion was that I take the normal route to land and I knew I wasn't going to do that, so I said no. And that's the last thing that I remember until five days afterwards actually.”

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He revealed that the accident had left him with retrograde amnesia – a common occurrence in patients who have suffered traumatic injuries or been caught up in events such as this, according to his doctors.

“Was it like being in a movie?” Kimmel asked as the action movie veteran responded, “this was not a movie.” The host then inquired, “You landed on a golf course - did you yell 'fore' as you came down?” Ford was fortunately in the mood for laughter, and replied “For...d!”

Of course, Kimmel (dressed as Princess Leia) asked the actor, who plays Han Solo in the iconic Star Wars franchise, about the new movie The Force Awakens, which finally opens in December.

“I can tell you this. It’s really, really good,” Ford said. “J.J. has made an incredible movie. You will not be disappointed at all. I promise you.”

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