Yes there’s still a Christmas special to come, but after six series on ITV, ‘Downton Abbey’ ended its run last night, with a surprise wedding and a suicide attempt. But while Lady Mary Crawley got what she wanted (as usual), her younger sister Edith was denied her own happy ending, leaving some viewers furious.

Downton AbbeyAfter six seasons ‘Downton Abbey’ has ended on ITV.

During the episode unlucky in love Edith had her chances of happiness stolen, when sister Mary ruined her relationship by revealing details of her secret love child to fiancé the Marquess of Hexham, Bertie Pelham. But while Edith faced a lifetime of loneliness, all was okay for Mary, as she wed Henry Talbot.

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Edith had decided not to reveal her illegitimate child to Pelham, for fear he would call off the wedding. But jealous that her sister’s marriage to a Marquess would mean she’d outrank her as a marchioness, Lady Mary took it upon herself to reveal the secret lovechild. 

After the episode fans turned to twitter with hashtag #TeamEdith, to show support for their favourite Crawley sister. Fans were quick to warn ‘Downton’ creator Julian Fellowes that he better make things right for Edith in the upcoming Christmas special.

The episode also saw butler Thomas Barrow attempt suicide, while cook Daisy and former Butler Molesley passed their exams to move on from the Abbey. The episode left plenty of stories open and fans are hoping for a Christmas special which will finally reveal all the character’s fates.

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Writing about the series’ legacy in The Guardian, reviewer Sam Wollaston called it ‘a posh soap opera’, but added, “It’s a pretty bloody splendid posh soap opera, with the power to move at times. Television will be a dowdier place without it.”