In the new adventure fantasy origin movie Pan, Hugh Jackman finally gets a chance to play the villain of the piece. "That nice guy stuff is boring," he laughs about his reputation as the nicest actor in the world, adding that he is "perpetually curious and hungry, wanting to get better."

Hugh Jackman in PanHugh Jackman likes playing the bad guy

Jackman plays Captain Blackbeard in the movie, a character who is only mentioned once in J.M. Barrie's original Peter Pan novel. "There's one line - page 53 - that Hook originally learned his trade as the bosun for Blackbeard," Jackman explains.

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But there was another movie villain he really wanted to play. "When I was younger, more than anything, I wanted to play Jason in one of the Friday the 13th movies," Jackman says. "I've watched all of those movies, and my mates and me would reenact them all - even the really bad one in 3D! It's amazing to me the wonderful actors who started out in those films. But does the world need a Jason who sings and dances? We'll see. It's probably all Jason hasn't done."

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When asked what he liked most about playing Blackbeard, Jackman mentions "the swashbuckling, sword-fighting, pirate-adventure stuff. I loved that kind of thing when I was a little boy, and it turns out it was tremendous fun to do as a grown man!" He credits director JOE WRIGHT for collaborating with the cast to create the characters, costumes and settings. "On a lot of films, I'm like, 'Oh, come on now, I can put on a pair of jeans!' But this was a film where I felt we just might need an extra dresser," Jackman laughs. "The costume was layers upon layers upon layers, and handmade and just astonishing, really. I felt like a show-pony pirate who loves the pomp and ceremony and adoration."

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And he's happy to share Pan with his children. "My kids are 15 and 10," he notes. "They said to me, 'Oh, Dad, we really love this one!' Which made me wonder about all of the other movies I'd been in! Then they said they wanted to bring all of their friends to see it, which they'd never said before. So what I'm saying is: our children can be really tough critics."