There was a time when superhero films were generally bad; it was a done deal – if you’re making a superhero film, it would either be brain at the door entertaining with no depth, or just downright awful. That’s changed in the last decade, with The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Avengers and Iron Man leading the way.

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And with the resurgence of meaningful comic book movies comes great responsibility; people expect their favourite characters to leap of the page and onto cinema screens seamlessly, providing them with the same level of intimacy and entertainment as when their handheld versions. If the geeks are going to give up these superheroes to the masses, it better not be for nothing.

Hugh JackmanJackman signs autographs, but we can't think why

The masses will, undoubtedly, head to their local Cineplex, order an extra large popcorn and coke, squeeze past an angry dad trying to spend some time with his son and let two hours of their lives pass by before them as Hugh Jackman goes about hacking and slashing his way through another Wolverine film. Because, ladies and gentlemes, The Wolverine is rubbish, and you know how we know? Because the critics said so.

A 58% ratting on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes makes painful reading for Jackman et al. “Sorry, but didn't superhero films outgrow all of this five or so years ago?” ask The Telegraph. “The fights are predictable, the scenery disappointingly drab considering the potential in Tokyo's neon-lit wonder-world,” say the Guardian. In short, this isn’t worth your time, so go see We Steal Secrets instead. You might learn something.

Hugh JackmanJackman looking pretty chirpy here