"Whatcha gonna do, brother, whatcha gonna do when a sex tape scandal runs wild on you?" Quickly call up some of the biggest mouthpieces in US entertainment culture and seek to explain yourself as soon as possible is what appears to be the answer for Hulk Hogan. Once one of the most popular stars in America back in the 80s thanks to his run as champion with the scripted wrestling company the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment), Hogan has been caught with a low blow in recent weeks after the Hulk Hogan tape, featuring him and a mystery woman emerged online.

The Daily Mail reported that Hogan has already been on Howard Stern's radio show, as well as appearing on the Today show in an attempt to re-focuses attention back on his '24-inch pythons' as opposed to their, erm, much smaller cousin. Now CNN is advertising the still-active wrestler - as much as wrestling for the company TNA classes you as active - to appear on Piers Morgan's chat show tonight (October 10, 2012). The blurb on the CNN site doesn't mention the recent sex tape, focusing instead on Hulk's split from his wife Linda, the switch of his political allegiance from President Barack Obama to his rival Mitt Romney, and his wrestling career. It's pretty easy to imagine, though, that all those topics are going to go out of the window as viewers tune into hear the story of him and his own 18+ rated brand of Hulkamania.