The Lord of the Rings star was a Grand Marshall at a Pride parade in Manchester, England on Saturday (29Aug15) and called on more to be done for homosexuals around the world.

He tells the BBC, "It's more than just a celebration, because there's lots to celebrate, the world's getting a better place for gay people here. But when you think abroad... and actually, you know, gay people can now get married in this country, but not in Northern Ireland yet. That's still holding out for the old way. So, you know, as we celebrate, we think, 'The fight's not quite over'...

"One thing I'm very proud about the gay rights movement, through Stonewall and other organisations too, is that there hasn't been any violence whatsoever. And that's almost unique in a civil rights movement.

"Women, for the votes, were breaking down public buildings, and throwing themselves in front of horses; the civil rights movement for black people has been desperate, think of the violence of the apartheid. But here, we've just made the arguments, people have listened, they've understood, and realised they've got gay relatives and we're just part of the fabric of society. And I think that's accepted now. It's all been done peaceably."